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Building Today for A Greater Tomorrow: We Love Our Nurses: Keep the Mullen Family Prayer .. .. Benevolence.-.-.-SYMPATHY The soul that perpetually oveflows with kindness and sympathy will always b... Afterburnergalacticlawz2: 'Geographia' authentic atlas and guide to London a...: 'Geographia' authentic atlas and guide to London and outer suburbs (eMap, 1930s) [] The 21st Century Skills for Workpl...


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Location: Prague, Czech Republic
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Rest In Peace.....In Memory
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Bennie Smith Funeral Home


Rev. Fitzgerald brought a message on “Changed.” when the Spirit of God is allowed to permeate and take over our will, a “change” will be made in our lives.

The Music Department carried out their assignment to sponsor a service to honor our late Minister of Music G. Ophelia B. Mosley. Her God-Children, Tara, Terrence and Terrell, added their talents of song and dance. A long time friend of Minister Mosley sang making it a beautiful service

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